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Clinical Needs and MoA

* Top 10 tumor types with the highest number of new cancer cases in 2020

Figure from: World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer


Unmet Clinical Needs

According to the statistics of WHO in 2022, China is seeing an annual increase in the number of cancer patients, with 4.82 million diagnosed cases every year. A big need for diagnosis and treatment of tumor stays unmet in the country.

Radiopharmaceuticals have unique advantages in tumor screening, accurate diagnosis and lesion clearance due to their specificity, targeting ability, visualization and non-invasiveness. They have great clinical value in the diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumors, prostate cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer and other malignant tumors, therefore can provide transformative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to cancer patients.

*Cancer statistics in China and United States,2022: profiles, trends and determinants

Mechanistic Advantages

The unique mechanism of radioligand therapy

Leveraging the precision targeting of highly-specific ligands, radioligand therapy achieves the diagnosis and treatment of tumor lesions through nuclear imaging and localized radiation delivered by radioisotopes.

The unique advantages of radiopharmaceuticals

1The dual-action of radiation and targeted therapies: effective physical elimination + precision histologic targeting

2The“We treat what we see.” approach

3Emerging technologies bringing together novel isotopes, targets, molecular probes, chelating and linkers promise enormous therapeutic potentials and clinical benefits for cancer patients