C-Ray Therapeutics

Company Profile

C-Ray Therapeutics is an innovative biopharmaceutical company focus on the development, manufacturing, clinical application and commercialization of radiopharmaceuticals.

  • Investors

    The company was incubated by leading investors in the industry
  • Leadership Team

    Our leadership team possess strong academic backgrounds and extensive management experience
  • Industrial Operation

    The company began building its R&D and Manufacturing Center in the Wenjiang district of Chengdu
  • Vision

    To provide integrated radiopharmaceutical treatment solutions for doctors and patients in China

Since incubated by leading investors in 2021, the company has built a team of experts possessing deep expertise in radiochemistry, nuclear technology application, biology, medicine, pharmacology, and industrial operation. The company is dedicated to build innovative portfolio, formulation and manufacturing processes of advanced radiopharmaceuticals from China and around the world.

C-Ray Therapeutics aims to become a world-leader in radiopharmaceuticals by acquiring some of the world’s most advanced radiopharmaceutical drug candidates and technology platforms. Our research and development team are working to develop our own capabilities to generate novel radiopharmaceuticals and change how serious diseases are being managed and treated.

Located in the center of China, we are building our R&D and Manufacturing Plant in Wenjiang district of Chengdu. This world-class facility, once completed, will be licensed for alpha and beta-emitting isotopes, compliant with China and international GMP standards, and contains dedicated space for commercial  scale production and automated fill-finish. Shipments from the facility can reach 90% of the China population within 12 hours by local transportation, and to the rest of Asia Pacific and Mid-East regions within 48 hours by air.

We believe next-generation precision radiopharmaceuticals will be widely available to patient in facing challenge of the disease, making them a pillar of cancer care. The unmet needs will be our calls to keep working on the development of product portfolio and to provide Chinese doctors and patients with integrated radio pharmaceutical diagnostic and treatment solutions.