Our Science



Adopting a R&D strategy designed to pursue targets and assets with high clinical values oriented, in alignment with the  society and medical community’s need of advanced medical  use isotopes, C-Ray Therapeutics will utilize its resource and technology, to focus on exploring novel radioactive ligand conjugates based on the proven and innovative biological targets.

Our R&D strategy is to utilize  dedicated chelators and linkers technologies for radiolabeling of small molecules, peptides, and antibodies with α or β emitters. Combined with proprietary radiopharmaceutical candidate screening, optimization and evaluation techniques, we expect to improve development and translation efficiency, so as to better address the demand of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in key cancer indications.

We currently have a number of radiopharmaceutical drug candidates being evaluated in the pre-clinical stage. Meanwhile, we are actively screening for de-risked and novel molecular precursors, scheduling co-development programs, building partnerships in the translation of radio-labeled conjugates to bring clinical benefits to cancer patients in China.

Our new drug translation and development is fueled by a continuously expanding R&D organization and radiopharmaceutical research labs in multiple locations around China